Music Spaces on Campus

It can be hard to find a good space to rehearse on-campus, whether it is your solo practice, rehearsing with your orchestra section, or singing with your a cappella group. Thanks to the variety of music experiences and interests represented in our committee, we can help guide you to the right space to upgrade your musical talent with some good old-fashioned practice.

If you are a music student or have a music student in your group, you can book rooms in the Faculty of Music (EJB) during regular hours or 90 Wellesley 24 hours/day.

If you are in a specific college, here is what each one has for you:

  • Trinity College - small practice rooms located in St. Hilda’s, some with pianos, available for students with permission.

  • New College - medium-sized practice rooms, good for groups, available to students in New or for a monthly fee for individuals not in New College.

  • Victoria College - Goldring Student Centre has a large music room available to Victoria students.

  • Innis College - music room available for residents and those with a key to the building.

If you are at UTSC, you can practice at the drop-in rooms in the Arts, Culture, and Media Department, available from 9am-8:30pm (plus, there is an electronic drum kit available).